Laura Rhodebeck Joseph

Mixed media, Spoken word, Visual art

I have been awed and bound by the beauty of the world since I was a child.   When I discovered art I knew it was my way to capture and interpret the authentic self using composition, line, shape, color, and anything else I could employ in telling our stories. Through landscape, which I see as a mirror of the lives in which we are all participating, I am inspired by light which can transform all that exists in the natural world into timeless possibilities in the psyche.  People’s faces, their stories, what they write or have written in the past, and how they have wasted their time also interest me; I am a voracious reader of magazines, newspapers, classic and current literature, poetry, essays, and pop culture; and I am inspired by all genres of music and film. I use materials at hand, whether they be sewing patterns, fabrics, trims, sticks, stones, nails, seed pods, rusty tools, scraps of canvas, bones, old jewelry, typography, magazines, dog collars, or vegetable seeds, because I firmly believe (having spent a good part of my childhood on a farm) that nothing should go to waste. I am a naturalist at heart and believe our true wealth lies in the land we plant our feet on, and that every inanimate thing has an essence that can be interpreted.  As an artist I am excited to provide that venue by using found and discarded objects in my work.  Pastels and acrylic paints are my most go-to mediums, but I also work in watercolor, encaustic, and collage.  Color, composition, and pattern are the core of my visual imagery.

Upcoming Events

Jung Haus, Spring 2013 McConnell Arts Center, Summer 2013

Laura Rhodebeck Joseph

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Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: Hare Speaks
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: Mouse Speaks
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: Crow Moon
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: Blood Moon
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: Long Night Moon
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: Buck Moon
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: Dreaming Again
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: What We Want
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: Silly Goose
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: Bo Crying
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: The Cottage in Wales
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: They Couldn\'t Come Out and Play
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: Rowland\'s Barn
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: Refugia
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: The Beaten Path
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: In Free
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: The Stand
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: The Way Home
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: Behind Cryan\'s
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: The Sacred Cow
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: The Bounded Earth
Laura Rhodebeck Joseph: The Deadly Sin

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