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Christine Guillot Ryan

Mixed Media

Taking fragments of the external world, I merge them with paint to capture visions of morphing inner realities.

Perception is reality, and I am fascinated how people gther fragments of what they decide is true and important– memory, stories, cultural influences, experiences, ideas and beliefs– and shape them into personal world views.

Beyond conscious cognitive connections, the intagibility of emotions re-color my world view, starting with a single moment, evolving over days, and years. They take the shape of both the subtle and dramatic. I celebrate the acts of choice and belief that form our individual worlds.

I create mixed media works to explore the subjective nature of perceptions and to express the tension between the material and the intangible.

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Solo Exhibition:
Pieces of PARTS - July 24 - Sept 26 2015
Mixed Media Works by Christine Guillot Ryan

Artist Reception AUG 2, Sunday 2-4pm

High Road Gallery
12 E. Stafford Ave Worthinton OH 43085
Gallery hours: Fri - Sat Noon - 4pm

Previous Exhbits and Awards upon request 
Christine Guillot Ryan

I allow businesses to purchase or display my work.

I am open to selling my work under payment plans.

I am available for demonstrations.

I offer classes.

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Christine Guillot Ryan: Work2Play_Square 1
Christine Guillot Ryan: Work2Play_Horizontal 1
Christine Guillot Ryan: AmberWaves_Horizontal 1
Christine Guillot Ryan: Leaving The Nest_Horizontal 1
Christine Guillot Ryan: Chasing Freedom_Horizontal 1
Christine Guillot Ryan: Threading Silver_Square 1
Christine Guillot Ryan: ISO Silver Lining
Christine Guillot Ryan: Winning Strategies_Horizontal 1
Christine Guillot Ryan: Rooftop Dreamcatcher
Christine Guillot Ryan: Dressed for Time_Horizontal 1
Christine Guillot Ryan: Playing for Keeps
Christine Guillot Ryan: Jam Today_Horizontal 1
Christine Guillot Ryan: Trying on Icarus_Horizontal 1
Christine Guillot Ryan: DETAIL: Dancing with Criteria_Horizontal 1
Christine Guillot Ryan: Diving Deeper_Vertical 1
Christine Guillot Ryan: Mirroring Options
Christine Guillot Ryan: Just Envy [1 of 7 Just Sins Series] 2015
Christine Guillot Ryan: Just Gluttony [1 of 7 Just Sins Series] 2015

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