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Ann Annie


I was unable to modify my portfolio on the site so will start from scratch once this change takes effect. 

Ann Annie

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Ann Annie: Renewal
Ann Annie: Bold mixed metals necklace
Ann Annie: Leather Heart Pendant
Ann Annie: Two Hearts Pendant
Ann Annie: Labradorite Hoop Pendant
Ann Annie: Copper and Paua shell
Ann Annie: Fold form corkscrew earrings
Ann Annie: Fold form cuff
Ann Annie: Foldform circle link bracelet
Ann Annie: Charm bracelet
Ann Annie: Foldform copper cuff
Ann Annie: Fold form geometric earrings
Ann Annie: Trapped pearl pendant
Ann Annie: Encircled leaf necklace
Ann Annie: Wedge pendant
Ann Annie: Malachite and leaf earrings
Ann Annie: Trapped turquoise pendant
Ann Annie: Tree of Life, Winter
Ann Annie: Tree of Life, Turquoise
Ann Annie: Nested circle fold form pendant
Ann Annie: Wire wrapped gemstone cuff
Ann Annie: Copper and pearl bean pod
Ann Annie: Foldform copper cuff JC2012
Ann Annie: Green patina tutorial

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