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Dawn Mader

Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

Canadian born Artist, Dawn Mader ; Self taught, Dawn has collectively twenty years of drawing and  painting experience.  Her murals have been showcased in Parade of Homes models, retail and dining establishments, as well as some of the finest homes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   Dawn continued her art journey for the past six years in Central Florida and has recently relocated to Columbus Ohio.  While living in Florida, Dawn owned and operated The Frolicking Femme Fine Arts Gallery and Boutique along with three wonderful female artists.  She had painted portraits, created and design art through concepts, created and designed a wrap than can be worn several ways.   An accomplished  Artist,  Dawn has been commissioned internationally.  Dawn has collaborated with her husband, Joe, providing the illustrations and cover design for his published collection of poetry “Inside Out; Reflections of the Soul.”  

Dawn and her husband, Joe and their two bearded collies, now live in Columbus Ohio.  
Painting Workshops;

Babes with Brushes; Facebook "Babes with Brushes" for more information. www.maderartz.com

TEAM Building Painting Workshops for Corporate Wellness;  www.maderalliance.com


Upcoming Events

Upper Arlington Life and Learning Center
MANDALA Painting Workshop
Saturday May 14, 2011
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Dawn Mader

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Dawn Mader: Sedona Mind Melt
Dawn Mader: Karisha
Dawn Mader: Earth Goddess
Dawn Mader: Mirror
Dawn Mader: Beach Comber
Dawn Mader: Tess
Dawn Mader: Pomegrantie
Dawn Mader: Chick
Dawn Mader: Eye of the Sea

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