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Dale Ziemianski

Digital Arts

My specialties are Digital Illustration and Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Art. I work mostly on commission for book covers, wallpaper murals (mainly for the Border Store), children's books and concept art. I also have done some basic photomanipulation work, photo retouching, clipping mask production work and some logo design. 

My sci-fi/fantasy style lends itself well to vehicle wraps I've discovered, and have several of those under my belt as well.

I write music as a hobby, moslty because I'm a tatol musical snob and have found very little music that I really enjoy.

I'm a member of Cap City Creatives, an art group in Columbus Ohio. 

Upcoming Events

Not planning any immediate exhibitions, but planning way in advance for Cap City Creatives big ArtMageddon in Columbus Ohio to celebrate the end  of the world the weekend of Dec 21st 2012. Watch for fliers and advertising on Facebook and my website.
Dale Ziemianski

I allow businesses to purchase or display my work.

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Dale Ziemianski: spoorg-arhdn
Dale Ziemianski: stranded
Dale Ziemianski: Demon dream
Dale Ziemianski: Great City
Dale Ziemianski: vehicle wrap
Dale Ziemianski: Santa Claus is Comin\' to Town B*****es

Dale Ziemianski: Phatboy
Dale Ziemianski: Chasm

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