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Elise Meyers Walker

Fiber, Jewelry, Photography, Sculpture, Improv, Musical Theater, Puppet, Theater/Performance, Non-fiction, Young Adult

I am a Performer, an Author, an Organizer, a Project Manager, an Event Planner, a Teacher, a Saleswoman and an Adventuress.

My favorite books to write are true crime. My favorite plays to act in are comedies. 


Elise Meyers Walker

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Elise Meyers Walker: Historic Columbus Crimes
Elise Meyers Walker: Central Ohio's Historic Prisons
Elise Meyers Walker: Look to Lazarus
Elise Meyers Walker: Thurber Carnival
Elise Meyers Walker: Inside the Ohio Penitentiary
Elise Meyers Walker: Columbus State Community College: An Informal History

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