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The Evolution Control Committee

TradeMark Gunderson



TradeMark G. (aka Mark Gunderson) is a musician and artist, best known as founder of the band The Evolution Control Committee in 1986. He is also a culture jammer, hardware and software designer. The Evolution Control Committee is best known for its copyright-challenging stance, earning a legal cease & desist order from CBS for sampling newscaster Dan Rather, but also earning The ECC credit for creating the Mash-Up genre of music. TradeMark has appeared as the face of The ECC on air from CNN to C-SPAN and in print from Spin to the Macmillan Dictionary, and has given nearly 1,000 performances and presentations at festivals, concert halls, bars, and galleries all over the world.

The Evolution Control Committee

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The Evolution Control Committee: The Thimbletron
The Evolution Control Committee: The VidiMasher 3000

The Evolution Control Committee: What Would You Think If I Sang AutoTune

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