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Vince McGuire has been a commercial photographer for more then 40 years. As partner in the photo/design firm of McGuire-Wills & Associates, he concentrated on producing visuals for education/training programs and advertising materials. Throughout his business career, Vince also found time to practice his creativity and skill by photographing images he enjoyed--mountain vistas, landscapes, historical architecture, country scenes and still life photography. Some of his favorite images capture moments that people typically don't see. Recently, Vince has selected a variety of negatives and digital files from his extensive library to print and market. Attention to detail and lighting, enhance the beauty of his color and black&white art. 

Upcoming Events

Nov. 3, 2014 thru Dec. 2014 I will have 18 to 20 pieces ( depending on space ) at the Arlington Bank 4621 Reed Rd. 43220.

Nov. 7,8,&9th The Clintonville Arts Guild Holiday Show at the Whetstone Rec Center N. High St. in Clintonville.

Next March 2015 at the Grandview Library. Also 18 to 24 pieces. 
Vince McGuire Images

I allow businesses to purchase or display my work.

I am open to selling my work under payment plans.

I am available for demonstrations.

I offer classes.

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Vince McGuire Images: Adena 5450
Vince McGuire Images: San Xaiver Tucson AZ
Vince McGuire Images: Shaker Village Broom Shop
Vince McGuire Images: Stairway in the Big House
Vince McGuire Images: Blue Museum Door
Vince McGuire Images: Peppers at Tubac No. 17
Vince McGuire Images: Pots & Peppers No. 13
Vince McGuire Images: Pots & Peppers No.12
Vince McGuire Images: Purple House on Meyer St.
Vince McGuire Images: Chiricahua No. 5
Vince McGuire Images: Chiricahua No. 7
Vince McGuire Images: Leah's Loop 6337

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