Rajat Saksena


With my photography, I am always striving to find/create art in the most mundane of the scenes, and my artworks are the way I imagine and interpret the scenes through my lens. I work hard towards transforming trivial into non-trivial, real into surreal, physical into abstract, and induce an interest in the otherwise ordinary!

My idea of photography is to offer a different perspective, a new dimension to the scenes of the town that the community is already more than familiar with. The intent is to throw a different ‘light’ to the everyday scenes and make the viewers look at the picture twice before they realize that it’s the same site they pass by every day, and hence make them appreciate the beauty of their town, their workplace even more. At least that’s the most honest attempt.

Upcoming Events

Exhibition at the Art Gallery at Alice Campbell Hall, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL.
Starts: January 07, 2015
Ends: June 27, 2015
Rajat Saksena

I allow businesses to purchase or display my work.

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Rajat Saksena: Hope
Rajat Saksena: Tempest
Rajat Saksena: Sinew
Rajat Saksena: The Mighty 'O'!
Rajat Saksena: Regal
Rajat Saksena: In Intimate Conversation... (Morpheus and Neo)
Rajat Saksena: A Fountain of Water Bathing in a Shower of Light!
Rajat Saksena: Receding into Heavens
Rajat Saksena: Peekaboo
Rajat Saksena: Radiant
Rajat Saksena: The Clock

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