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Kara O'Dea

Decorative/Ornamental, Glass, Sculpture

Kara is a glass artist working out of The Idea Foundry and Glass Axis. She brings modern whimsy to traditional stained glass methods.

Kara O'Dea

I allow businesses to purchase or display my work.

I am open to selling my work under payment plans.

I am available for demonstrations.

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Kara O'Dea: DA2F7108-B443-4514-AB48-B971560363E3.jpeg
Kara O'Dea: 417A9AC5-ACCC-461C-8AB1-B0CE74C10AFD.jpeg
Kara O'Dea: 0B9F57D5-8E8D-414A-9752-4A2449D179EF.jpeg
Kara O'Dea: B3C7CAAE-0F30-4D80-A736-2FAB68EA91C4.jpeg
Kara O'Dea: FB6F4E41-BACE-4688-85EA-4EBA6E493BB8.jpeg
Kara O'Dea: 96FE89F7-FAF1-4590-8A14-C0DB1359882C.jpeg
Kara O'Dea: 852A52C7-CC81-403F-BD7B-1AE794D9AD93.jpeg

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