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These are some of my artistic professions that I thrive for in the video, motion graphics, photography, sound mixing, and design fields. Most of all, I consider myself a “time artist” designing dreams, creative ideas, and memories through motion pictures, photographs, and animation. In order to create powerfully creative, original, and personal works, I seek out exploring the vast infinity of expressive imagination, character idiosyncrasies, and emotional vulnerabilities of the human condition. In describing the diverse range of my documentary and experimental video work, I investigate upon a phantasmagoria of topics that deal with the world around me, whether they be hopes, dreams, dramas, comedies, or the collective dream world. Through time-based compositions, colors, light, and soundscapes, I seek fascinating and eclectic subjects that appeal to me and then add in my own senses of wonder, humor, creativity, originality, eccentricity, curiosity, fact-finding, sensitivity, heart, and humanity. This can tend to be a unique, diverse hybrid of many artistic movements from Expressionism, Surrealism, and even a dash of Dadaism. I strive to express, document, and capture slices of life and wonderment through personal vision, imagination, curiosity, and passion within my chosen artistic mediums of video, photography, motion graphics, 3D animation, and journal writing. In other words, I am reflecting (and dreaming) in moving visuals what I see and feel in life.
 I have worked in a multitude of areas and mediums while working with the themes of dreams, emotions, nostalgia, catharsis, and memories. For over the past 20 years, I have created a vast collection of hundreds of time-based video art works and documentary shorts. I've worked on various projects that capture unique, passionate perspectives on slices of life: "Treasures of the Hocking Hills" (artists and the nature that inspires them), "Comic Book Culture" (the allure and appeal of comic books), "American Northwest Adventures" (the rejuvenating power of nature), "Columbus, Ohio: '1812 Overture'" (a bicentennial celebration of Columbus, Ohio), "Artcars" (decorating your car to make it a colorful mobile art piece), "The Holiday House" (a unique neighborhood house that decorates for every holiday), "Hope & Strength: Life After Miscarriages" (dealing with the difficult subject of experiencing multiple miscarriages), and “The (Secret) Parks of Dublin… Ohio” (how finding secret neighborhood parks helped a little girl with autism express herself). Quite simply, I am deeply passionate about the work that I do. I dedicate my work to creating reflections on our shared human condition.
 As the primary director, videographer, editor, and creator of my video work, I have complete creative control as a seeker of meaning, creativity, and something truthful. Every project I produce centers around the theme of exploration. I continue to create diverse projects that tackle documentary, experimental, commercial, and fine art concerns while engaging a wider audience, serving the community, communicating new ideas, and sharing a passion for self-expression.

Eric Homan

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