Melodie Thompson

Melodie Thompson



I approach each piece as a unique story in itself. This allows me to explore the subject and connect to the viewer without losing the intrinsic beauty it has on its own. The story evolves as I paint and the titles emerge as the work progresses. Engaging the viewer by applying oil with palette knives, ink brayers and brushes creates geometric texture juxtaposed with luminosity.
I am inspired by justice, compassion, equality, longing, beauty and hope. These themes become the underlying messages I desire to convey. 

Upcoming Events

Urban Scrawl 11  August 26th 12pm - 10 pm
                            August 27th   12pm - 6pm
400 West Rich street  Franklinton, OH

Melodie Thompson: M.Thompson_8x8_oi_on_cradled_birch___Festive_dreamer__Clintonville____150.jpg
Melodie Thompson: M.Thompson_24_x36_oil_on_cradled_birch__Evening_in_Red_dress____!800.jpg
Melodie Thompson: M.Thompson__Wine_Tasting__8_x_8_oil_on_cradled_birch___150.jpg
Melodie Thompson: "Little Italy"
Melodie Thompson: "Light for the Stranger"
Melodie Thompson: "Are we there yet"
Melodie Thompson: M.Thompson_30_x30_oil_on_cradled_birch___Comfort___1875.jpg
Melodie Thompson: M.Thompson_24_x48_oil_on_canvas___Red_Mittens_in_the_Snow___2400.jpg
Melodie Thompson: M.Thompson_30_x30_oil_on_cradled_birch___Nestled___1875.jpg
Melodie Thompson: "Change of heart"

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