Trisha Clifford-Sprouse

Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Paper Arts, Printmaking

It is my mission as an artist to promote the arts as an integral part of our lives.

At the very core of my being, I believe that art is an outward manifestation of our inner beliefs, thoughts, values, and identity; both in the arts that we surround ourselves with and the arts that we create.

The arts are the components of our lives that remain long after a person is gone. They are the remembrances of our story. Our paintings, music, sculptures, and photos tell about our passions, tragedies, faith, love, and losses.

Upcoming Events

Private Classes in studio are set up individually

Classes - Art and Clay on Main -

November - December Claremont Retirement Village Gallery 

November - December Clayspace Gallery Front St. Columbus, Ohio

March 2018 Fairfield County District Library

Trisha Clifford-Sprouse

I allow businesses to purchase or display my work.

I am open to selling my work under payment plans.

I am available for demonstrations.

I offer classes.

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