Brenden Spivey

Mixed Media, Painting

The creative process is about instinct. I may walk to my easel with a basic idea of colors I want to use but I let my intuition drive the engine. The elements and principles of design unintentionally adjust my intentions allowing me to create pattern, texture, balance and harmony. I never want to be limited in my expression. There are already so many boundaries in this world. I find art to be my refuge. I am most at peace when surrounded by paint and brushes. 

Upcoming Events

All public exhibitions will be posted and updated on my website.

For art inquiries please contact me directly via link or via website

For any art that is currently with Hayley Gallery please contact Hayley Gallery directly see link for "Gallery Website"

Past Exhibitions

2018 - Elijah Pierce Gallery - King Arts Complex - Columbus, OH M(art)in United Art Exhibition Honorable Mention received - Genesis of Equality

2018 - Stonewall Columbus  - Columbus, OH

2019 - Stonewall Columbus - Columbus, OH

2019 - The Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition - Columbus, OH - "Under Autumn Trees" 

2019 - Riffe Gallery (DAAL) Columbus, OH

2019 - Elijah Pierce Gallery - King Arts Complex - Columbus, OH - M(art)in Unites Art Exhibition - 2nd Place - Circle Takes the Square

2019 - Hilton Columbus Downtown - North High Street Corridor - Solo Exhibtion

Brenden Spivey

I allow businesses to purchase or display my work.

I am open to selling my work under payment plans.

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Brenden Spivey: Brenden_Spivey_-_Redemption_-_Abstraction_Gallery.jpg
Brenden Spivey: Brenden_Spivey_-_Salvation_-_Abstraction_Gallery.jpg
Brenden Spivey: Brenden_Spivey_-_Emancipation_-_Abstraction_Gallery.jpg
Brenden Spivey: Synthesis_-_Brenden_Spivey_-_Abstract_Art.jpg
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Brenden Spivey: The_Uprising_Full_Shot_2020.jpg
Brenden Spivey: Circle_Takes_the_Square.JPG
Brenden Spivey: Circle_and_the_Square.jpg
Brenden Spivey: Metaphysical_Malachite_New.JPG
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Brenden Spivey: Space_Dementia_2020.jpg
Brenden Spivey: Oveture_2.jpg
Brenden Spivey: Oveture_.jpg
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Brenden Spivey: Life_in_Technicolor.jpg
Brenden Spivey: IMG_8597.jpg
Brenden Spivey: Our_Time_is_Running_Out.jpg
Brenden Spivey: Fire_to_the_Rain.jpg
Brenden Spivey: Twisted_Logic_.jpg
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Brenden Spivey: Land_of_Color.jpg
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Brenden Spivey: Every_Which_Way_But_Loose.JPG
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Brenden Spivey: IMG_0459.jpg

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