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"My art career is really taking off in Germany. In 2012, when I finished my Extinct Birds series of drawings, a German poet named Mikael Vogel saw them online and contacted me. He asked me if he could write poems about my drawings and then print them on postcards to distribute in coffee shops and cafes around Berlin. After that, he submitted our poetry/drawing combinations to an Austrian literary magazine. And now we’re working on our next collaboration; I’m illustrating several poems for his newest book, scheduled to be published next spring, about extinct and endangered animals. I can’t emphasize enough how much I’ve enjoyed working with Mikael. His poetry is infused with so much wonderful, magic imagery that it’s not difficult at all for me to figure out what to depict in my illustrations. It’s been an incredibly rewarding project and I am truly inspired by his work. He and I also bonded over our mutual adoration of the late, great David Bowie. By the way, Mikael’s last name, Vogel, is the German word for 'bird.'"

Brian Williams, painter and illustrator

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