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"A single mother, high school dropout, raising four boys in an impoverished Columbus neighborhood on the city’s eastside doesn’t sound like America’s recipe for success. But I had hope. Everyday, on the short walk home from school, I’d amass stories. Not necessarily stories of my own, but the stories of my community and the hopeful spirit of the people living in these harsh conditions. Although we were financially poor, we had a rich childhood—a loving mother, and family support system that encouraged us to be great. I knew there was more beyond our small pocket of the neighborhood. It was instilled in me early; go to school, make good grades, and get a good job. This was the way out. So I worked hard. A’s and B’s. Fast forward, I was accepted to The Ohio State University! In the black community this was huge. We just weren’t used to anyone in our community attending school beyond high school. Being the first one in my family to attend college, I was praised for my hard work, and I proudly proclaimed my plans to become Dr. Bruce Slaughter Ph.D. Junior year, during my first internship it all came crashing down. I became extremely depressed and distracted. “What am I doing?” I asked myself. “Do I want to do this for the rest of my life?” For about a year I would struggle back and forth between pursuing music and chasing the corporate money and title. As graduation neared, I decided I would not have any regrets. I’m supposed to encourage others through music — tell the stories I’ve acquired in my youth, through rhythm and sound, through hip hop ad soul."

Bruce Slaughter, hip hop artist

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