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“I am an actor and musical theater student at Ohio Northern University, born and raised just north of Columbus. I did a lot of theater through classes and community shows ever since I was about five-years old, but high school was when I started taking my craft really seriously. It was probably around sophomore year when I convinced myself that I was actually capable of pursuing a career in the performing arts (after some nudging from instructors, close friends, and family). It’s worked out so far, too, as I now find myself in my second year of pursuing a bachelor of fine arts not far from home. A particular highlight of my art as it relates to Columbus is my participation in the inaugural CAPA Marquee Awards, for which I won ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’ in 2019. That opportunity took me to the Jimmy Awards in NYC, where I spent a week working with professionals and performing on a Broadway stage. I still have a lot ahead to look forward to in my life, but one thing I will never stop looking back on is the impact that Columbus has left on my artistic hopes and dreams.”

Caleb Jingo, actor

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