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“Art has always played a major role in my life in many facets. A Black boy from the inner city of Columbus, I often searched for different outlets to exert the creativity locked inside me. Those ways came both positively and negatively. My first introduction to the power of art was paint, creative writing, and music (both vocally and instrumentally). These would later prove to be valuable tools when I began to pursue photography and cinematography as an adult. From that I founded my production company, All Eyes Productions LLC. It has allowed me to see and experience the beauties that art can present to your life when you extend your hand to its limits and possibilities. I developed a passion for storytelling at a young age and as my personal life experiences grew so did that passion. From projections of mental illness in the black community to a black astrophysicist love story, I wish to help push forward diverse narratives we see, of people that look like me. I set out to tell unique stories through visual and verbal mediums while simultaneously shedding light on parts of the black people experience that for so long existed in the shade, but rarely on the big screen.”

—Carl Lee, Filmmaker

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