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"Nurturing a relationship with the visual arts blossomed organically and has been present for as long as I can remember. My mother would always have sheets of blank kraft paper lining the hallway to my childhood room and it was a canvas to create whatever world I chose. I was lucky enough to find a spectrum of support along my journey—from attending a high school in the magnet arts and furthering my focus at Columbus College of Art & Design. The act of creating is necessary for me to thrive mentally. It is a very meditative process and anchors me to a sense of belonging in the world that nothing else offers. I use visual narratives to tell stories of love, loss, nature and deterioration; the juxtaposition of things growing and alive intermixed with the reality of time. I use an array of mediums to convey personal confessions or relay old tales passed along from the generations. Creating art has allowed me to find my voice and I am ever-activated to explore new thoughts and ideas to see how my work might transform. My hope is to find a connectedness with the viewer and perhaps ignite inspiration for their own masterpiece."

Cassidy Rae Marietta, illustrator & painter

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