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Gracie Morbitzer, painter

“The first time I failed an art grade in elementary school, rather than having a broken creative spirit, tiny little me decided to just keep making things, regardless. I hadn’t fulfilled all those rubric requirements; possibly it had Read More
Artists of Columbus

Mansee Singhi, dancer

"To dance is to express—the story of my life. I started learning Kathak, an Indian classical dance form, when I was 7-years-old. My mother has been instrumental in encouraging and supporting me in this journey especially in the early Read More
Artists of Columbus

Cristyn Steward, Filmmaker

“Several years ago, I graduated grad school, hopped on a plane to come home to Columbus to be a famous filmmaker. However, my attempt to find a community and to garner finances was almost impossible. I decided we needed a space for Black Read More
Artists of Columbus

Marcus Billingsley, painter

“As a young boy originally from Cleveland Ohio, my eyes were constantly digesting the harsh reality of the inner city. I found solace in the arts, allowing my environment to consequently fuel my creative process. I believe that the Read More
Artists of Columbus

Lisa Cliff, painter & poet

“The pandemic, loss of loved ones, and political bickering made 2020 a tough year for many of us. As an artist and poet it was been difficult to maintain a peaceful heart. It was hard to find inspiration and motivation; in fact I hit a Read More
Artists of Columbus

Lance Johnson, painter

“I am inspired by words. The foundation of each piece I create is the layering of words throughout each canvas. I feel that words of inspiration are the soul of my work. Words have power and my goal as an artist is to create art that Read More
Artists of Columbus

Jamie Ceasar, photographer

“So growing up we had photo albums, and in those albums were actual photographs of people, and places. I remember flipping through them to see images of family and friends, and the places they have visited. I loved seeing the BBQs, Read More
Artists of Columbus

Rita Fuller-Yates

“Some are ‘born like this,’ while others have to wait and grow into our better selves. That’s my story. I have arrived. I am over 50-years-old; feeling energized, anointed and ready to LIVE the appointed assignment given to me at birth. I Read More
Artists of Columbus

Kendel Boone, photographer

“The thought of writing an artist statement for the city or the world to read is terrifying. Who wants to know about me? A southern girl from north eastern North Carolina, my love for photography—whether with a DSLR, camcorder or cell Read More
Artists of Columbus

Ngabo Ezra, Photographer

“One sunny afternoon I was walking from my school to my hostel, which was in a neighborhood close to my university. My head was buried in whatever app was open on my phone. I did not check the street to see who else was behind or in front Read More