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"To quote Lady Gaga, I was born this way—imagining the unimaginable, looking for alternative scenarios, exploring creative solutions to problems. I find joy in putting things together, reassembling in new ways, and discovering what I can do with materials.

My art marries traditional paper-making, weaving and coiling in non-traditional ways. Technical mastery plus creative use of natural materials are combined to create sculpture and collages which speak to social and environmental issues. While my training and degrees are in fiber arts, I have moved well beyond that realm to create a unique method of engineering three-dimensional objects from traditional two-dimension media.

Much of my art originates through exploration of area parks and environmentally sensitive areas. Natural barks, leaves and other detritus of nature are collected city-wide and idolized by embellishing with stitching, coiling and encaustic to become shrines to the environment. These sculptures and collages stand on their own aesthetic merits but also alert the viewer to the fragility, beauty, and need for a symbiotic relationship with nature."

Char Norman, mixed-media artist

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