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"I’m a hermit. Okay, a bit of a loner. It’s probably why my wife and cats are my biggest critics—and fans. As a Columbus native, I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t an artist. Running through the hills of south-eastern Ohio on my grandparents’ farm started my love affair with nature. Nature, naturally, found its way into my creations. I attended college in Columbus for design, but an unplanned marriage and my daughter’s birth interrupted that and it was off to work, fortunately as an artist. I loved my work in the Lazarus advertising department: designing ads and photo retouching—photo manipulation is still a passion of mine today in this wholly marvelous digital age. My marriage ended, my job dissolved along with the entire advertising department in a company merger, but my art stayed with me and has evolved in many ways, as did my life. I happily preserved my relationship with my daughter, remarried, bought a kiln and pursued an entirely new medium: glass. Life is constantly changing; it’s colorful, and sometimes fragile, so creating art glass kaleidoscopes seems only natural."

Charles Sorg, glass artist

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