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Weekend Warriors

Concerts, Crafts and Gallery Visits Online!

I hope everyone’s hanging in there! We’re in week three of quarantine: school work (and regular work) from home, cooking dinner together, taking walks around the neighborhood, lots of craft projects.

We’re also working the arts into our regular routine, and thankfully we’re seeing more and more events and educational experiences on ColumbusMakesArt.com/Virtual. Here are my highlights for this week:

  • GROOVE U has kicked off a new project called The Woodshed, offering online instruction in songwriting, music production and more
  • April’s Gallery Hop will be held virtually starting at 4 p.m. this Saturday, Apr. 4. Follow along to see your favorite galleries, musicians and events on the Short North’s Instagram feed.
  • Franklin Park Conservatory began offering virtual tours, garden classes and plant care tips online
  • Speak Easy is hosting a virtual storytelling event from Apr. 2-5. Get more details through their Facebook event
  • If we’re craving live music, we’ll watch full episodes of Songs at the Center, catch the Jared Mahone Band live-streaming a concert Monday, Apr. 6. And every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m., Jazz Arts Group is hosting a new Offstage LIVE series on its Facebook page.
  • When we’re feeling crafty, we’ll try the Columbus Museum of Art’s weekly #myCMAproject posted on Instagram
  • If the weather is nice and you can stay safely distanced from others, you can create your own art walk using the public art database. The Dublin Arts Council also hosts a Public Mobile Art Tour, and you can go geocaching for riverboxes.

Keep an eye on the Columbus Makes Art virtual page as we continually update it with new events.

One other way you can support the arts: consider donating to GCAC’s Emergency Relief for Artists fund.

I really encourage you to stay at home to help flatten the curve (just ask yourself, “What would Dr. Amy Acton do?”) and reach out to friends, neighbors and family – we’re all still looking to connect with others.

Nick is Marketing, Communications, & Events Administrator for the Arts Council. He also leads culinary tours and blogs about breakfast at breakfastwithnick.com. This week he’s hosting a virtual beer tasting with some friends.

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