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Events to celebrate summer (while we can)

It’s Labor Day weekend, which means fall in all its glory is around the corner. If we are very lucky we are about to embark on weeks of cooler, but still warm, temperatures that will have me and mine squeezing every last bit of fun out of summer(ish) events.

For me, a sure sign that we are transitioning seasons (both natural and artistic) is the occurrence of BalletMet’s free Rhythm on the River performance. Not only will they tease their upcoming season, but this year they are also teaming up with Opera Columbus to give us a little something extra special, on Friday, Aug. 30 at Bicentennial Park.

Also on my “free outdoor performance” radar is Shadowbox Live’s Back to the Garden at Columbus Commons on Sunday Sept. 1. Enjoy these gifts of summer while you can!

For some, Labor Day means a three-day weekend—i.e. more time to play. Here are some other events on my radar.

My [Creative] Space opens at the Columbus Metropolitan Library Thursday, Aug. 29. This exhibition will feature work by Columbus artists, many of whom are participating in the Columbus Open Studio & Stage tour, and it strives to help viewers better understand the importance of designated space for the creative process. If you like your exhibition experience to be more solitary, go now. If, however, you prefer a reception and a chance to mingle with the artists, go Sept. 19 for the reception. Personally, I’ll do both.

Fine (Not Fine) Letters to Our Mental Illnesses opens Aug. 29. The play, produced by MadLab, is made up of letters from the public about their experiences with mental illness. I can relate.

VIVO Music Festival presents Black Angels, Friday August 30, at the Garden Theater.

Columbus Museum of Art recently opened A Mile and a Half of Lines: The Art of James Thurber. The exhibition celebrates the 125th anniversary of Columbus native James Thurber’s birth and is guest curated by Columbus poet, author, illustrator Michael J. Rosen. This is definitely on my MUST SEE list and I am also curious to see what the museum has in its shop to celebrate the exhibition. Pro Tip: The museum is free on Sundays.

I like to consider the Columbus Arts Festival the kick off to summer, and for me one of the highlights was seeing Dr. E perform. So, it seems somehow serendipitous to me that Dr. E is performing, as summer starts its final lap, this Sunday, Sept. 1 at Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza.

On Labor Day I’m looking forward to the always popular annual Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival, Monday, Sept. 2.

As one season begins, another comes to an end. Here are the shows ending this week. Last Call:

Lacey Luce is a digital strategist for the Greater Columbus Arts Council who is setting up an alter to the weather gods in hopes that they grant us a beautiful, mild, outdoor excursion-friendly fall.

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