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"Growing up in Los Angeles, I never thought I would become a professional dancer much less a choreographer who continues to add to the art form. My path to Columbus has taken me from Los Angeles to North Carolina, Las Vegas and Memphis. In 1994 I was invited to come to Columbus for a summer to continue my dance training with BalletMet. My intent was to train five weeks here and continue on to New York City. That all changed when I discovered a city that was immediately supportive, enthusiastic and patient as I grew as an artist over my 20 year dance career. In my journey as choreographer I work with many different types of artists, and have realized that we all have a common goal—to share our craft by inspiring and connecting with our audience. Having art around us motivates conversation, and sparks questions and thoughts that entice us to return for more. When creating, I encourage an atmosphere that is calm, fun, challenging. I have three young kids at the home I share with my wife in Clintonville who motivate this energy and keep my mind toward the future."

—Jimmy Orrante, dancer and choreographer

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