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"Gary, Indiana is my hometown. On one of my visits to the Museum of Art in Chicago, when I was 11 years old, I saw the painting Starry Night. That one painting moved me so much. Looking at the brush strokes and colors motivated me. No matter where I’ve lived I have always painted, on canvas, wood, stone, old glass windows—on anything, with any kind of paint—oils, acrylics, indoor-outdoor, even nail polish. I love color and enjoy mixing colors. Remembering instances in my life have shaped how I paint and what I paint. Living in Columbus, OH for over 40 years and being a husband, father and grandfather has also given me memories to use in my creative process. I enjoy taking an idea and watching it take off. Even greater is when a finished painting catches someone’s eye, bringing pleasure whether from memories or experiences. Recently retired this is a new page for me—I intend to use my time wisely and take advantage of all opportunities that arise."

Malvin M Hicks, painter

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