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"Art isn’t something that you choose to do, it’s something you must do. Growing up in Lima, Ohio, I often felt alone in my passion, but knew it was the only thing that I had. Like every cliché artist tale, I’m well rehearsed in the story of pain and loss so I’ll spare the details of the mundane. Escaping Lima and attending CCAD [Columbus College of Art & Design] seemed like a god send, a chance to be the best. When school failed to push me to my limit, I dropped out to figure out what I needed the most. That’s when I found my love for street art, and the freedom to create for myself. Art for arts sake, a foreign but beautiful concept that school stole from me. I split in two, Birdy the muralist and beautifying vandal and Mandi the gallery artist and community activist. Two sides to the same coin, working together to transform Columbus’s perception of public art and spaces. I can honestly say being an artist thus far has been the hardest but most incredible journey. To create is to give life new meaning and sense of understanding—an enlightenment for those who seek it. As an artist I’m constantly transforming, redefining the way I see the world around me. My deepest hope is to impact individual lives and push them in re-exploring the beauty of life."

—Mandi Caskey, muralist/street artist

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