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"Recently my mom returned to me a big plastic box filled with drawings and school work from my childhood. Something squeezed at my heart a little to think of my mom saving that stuff for 40 plus years and then, as I started to look through the stacks of paper I found myself curious about the kid that I was. I wondered where that imagery and young inspiration came from. I think my work and my experience (in my life and in my art) is constantly building on itself. It is expanding in ways I would have never predicted. I enjoy the act of creating, the process, the experience. I enjoy touching the materials and the rush I get when the right combination of things come together to create something good. It’s magical and it’s addicting. Each time I try something new or follow a new path, I come closer to my true self and to making the art I’m meant to make and that is something I can feel in my soul. I learned a long time ago that I’m an artist and creating is just something I have to do. I can’t imagine my life without it. I had a professor in college who told me I needed to make stacks and stacks and stacks of drawings and from those stacks, I’d find a few good ones. And, at the time I thought, “What?!”, but now I get it. It’s the process of making things that has made me a good artist, not necessarily the work that I’ve made. I’m a mixed-media artist. I love creating tiny intricate sculptures using found objects and collage-y like paintings using old photos. I add words and paint and sculpt and stitch and amazingly enough all of that stuff usually comes together to create new beings and stories and images that speak to and of my soul."

Mary Ann Crago, mixed-media artist

#Mary Ann Crago , #visual artist , #Mixed Media artist

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