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Our boys were off school last Friday, which meant a long weekend for us. It included lots of family fun, and as we’re getting into the week (and coping with the time change), I’m looking forward to next weekend’s adventures already. So I’m scanning events on ColumbusMakesArt.com and here’s what I found:

Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Arts Group, ProMusica and Short North Stage receive Operating Support grants from GCAC, while Capriccio and Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus receive General Support grants. Columbus Jewish Community Center, Hixon Dance, MadLab and Thiossane Institute are Project Support grantees. Thiossane is also a 2021 Thrive grantee.

(Image credit: The Kells at Natalie’s)

Nick is marketing, communications, & events administrator for GCAC. He’s also a food/travel writer penning works for Columbus Monthly, Ohio.org, Ohio Magazine and his own site BreakfastWithNick.com. His favorite moment of the Oscars was Ke Huy Quan winning.

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