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Weekend Warriors

It’s the Week of the Fest!

Well, look at that. In all the excitement and activity of preparing for the Columbus Arts Festival this weekend, I totally forgot it was my turn to write Weekend Warriors! I think you’ll forgive me. This is one of our biggest weeks of the Read More
Weekend Warriors

Kick off June with These Groovy Shows and Celebrations

June and summer have finally arrived! Summer in Columbus is marked by festivals (nine days until the Columbus Arts Festival. And yes, I am counting), food trucks, and lots of art to enjoy. But before we get to the Arts Festival, let’s kick Read More
Weekend Warriors

A Long Weekend for the Arts

And just like that we’re in the last week of May, approaching Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start to summer. This means festival season is just around the corner (16 days to the Columbus Arts Festival, but who’s counting?). Read More
Weekend Warriors

Six Events This Weekend That Combine Art and Intersectionality

By Madison Everett As the new marketing intern, I’ve received my first Weekend Warriors assignment. I immediately decided to check out the events calendar on ColumbusMakesArt.com to see what’s going on this weekend. There are a lot, but I Read More
Weekend Warriors

Music, theater, dance, exhibitions coming this weekend

With the warmer weather and full days of sunshine, comes more energy and a desire to get out and do all the things. So I hit up the events calendar at ColumbusMakesArt.com and came up with a list of fun weekend activities: Thursday, May Read More

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