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Weekend Warriors

Finding Some Hope Through the Arts

I know this pandemic is far from over, and we’ve lost a lot along the way, but I’m allowing myself some hope these days as the weather warms, as my wife and I just got our second vaccinations (and as we see loads more friends, family, Read More
Artists of Columbus

Lisa Cliff, painter & poet

“The pandemic, loss of loved ones, and political bickering made 2020 a tough year for many of us. As an artist and poet it was been difficult to maintain a peaceful heart. It was hard to find inspiration and motivation; in fact I hit a Read More
Artists of Columbus

Lance Johnson, painter

“I am inspired by words. The foundation of each piece I create is the layering of words throughout each canvas. I feel that words of inspiration are the soul of my work. Words have power and my goal as an artist is to create art that Read More
Weekend Warriors

Virtual or IRL? The arts have you covered

For anyone who is feeling anxious, despite vaccination, about going out—I empathize with you. After a year of anxiety, isolation and adapting to pandemic world rules, it’s understandable that it might take a hot minute to readjust. That’s Read More
Weekend Warriors

The Arts are Blooming in April

Happy April, everyone! I hope we’re in for a lovely spring. I looked through the calendars on ColumbusMakesArt.com and can see Columbus arts flourishing. A few highlights of what’s happening this week: Columbus poet Barbara Fant performs Read More

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