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Weekend Warriors

It’s the Week of Christmas, Y’all

I’m sure you’re aware of it, but it’s the week of Christmas, everyone! I know this tends to be a busy season, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, but I hope you get the chance to slow down, relax and find some peace at the end of this Read More
Weekend Warriors

Searching the arts for my holiday spirit

The holidays are here (happy Hanukkah to those that celebrate), but I cannot find my holiday spirit. I think I left it back in 2019. When I’m feeling meh, I look to the arts to pick me up. I searched the ColumbusMakesArt.com events Read More
Weekend Warriors

Holiday-Themed or Not, Experience Local Arts This Weekend

It makes me very happy each week to search the calendars on ColumbusMakesArt.com and find a huge collection of performances, concerts and exhibitions. Even during a pandemic, Columbus artists stay busy! If you’re in the mood for Read More
Weekend Warriors

8 events a streamin’

Welcome, December. While some people may bemoan the coming of winter, what I see is the ending of 2020. What I also see is our arts organizations continuing to adapt to the pandemic and find ways to make sure that our favorite holiday Read More
Artists of Columbus

Beryl K. Thompson, jewelry designer, mixed-media and textile artist

“My foray into making art began as a young teen when I responded to one of the Draw Me ads for an artist correspondence course. I was lauded for recreating the picture, but sadly my family did not have the funds for the course. From then, Read More

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