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Revivals, Reimaginings, and Resilient Women

Before interning for the Greater Columbus Arts Council, I tended to scour social media for plans over the weekend. Since then I’ve started checking out what ColumbusMakesArt.com has to offer, and right away a few things caught my eye:

We’re now well into Women’s History Month, and one event that is of particular interest to me is a pop-up gallery celebrating black women. On Sunday, March 24, I’ll be headed to Black Girl Miracle to see cool visual installations, film, poetry performances and live music, reflecting “the multifaceted nature of the human experience.” A lot of local events spotlighting underrepresented groups have been “popping up” as of late, and I’m excited to finally attend one!

Speaking of women, there’s a one-woman show opening at the Franklinton Playhouse on Thursday, March 21. Red Herring Productions presents Grounded, an equally personal and political play following the story of a fighter pilot grounded by an unexpected pregnancy. One-person performances are usually hit and miss with me, but I’ll definitely be looking forward to reading the reviews.

A reimagining of a revival opens on the Short North Stage on Thursday as well. The original Pippin was already pretty eccentric, so I’m interested to see what sort of “sexy reimagining” this show has in store.

Here are some other events to check out this weekend:

  • Life Sucks, a modern twist to the classic Russian play “Uncle Vanya,” opens at Riffe Center Studio Theatres on Wednesday, March 20 and will have evening shows on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • Backstage at the Lincoln continues with dancer Gamal Brown on Thursday.
  • Nest Theatre owners Tara DeFrancisco and Rance Rizzutto will perform HERE: The Improvised Musical on Saturday, March 23.

Last thing: "Nate” of T.ES.U. is hosting an open walk through of The EmotionSnapshot Universe, which is said to be a “musically-dramatic, audiovisual production” featuring “melodic story-songs, sci-fi comic graphics and scripted drama.” Not sure just what all of that entails, but it’s just unusual enough to make me want to find out on Friday.

Nichole Moorman is the marketing intern for the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Wake her up when March finally ends.

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