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“Some are ‘born like this,’ while others have to wait and grow into our better selves. That’s my story. I have arrived. I am over 50-years-old; feeling energized, anointed and ready to LIVE the appointed assignment given to me at birth. I always knew it lived deep inside my inner walls but I had to wait patiently for my due date to arrive to give birth to my extraordinary self. I can see myself doing anything I apply my mind to. I always tell myself, ‘If I can see it, I can achieve it’ and nothing can stop me. Well, sorta. I can stop me. I can allow my mind to tell me I’m not enough. I can look myself in the mirror and see something that’s not perfect. I can hear someone speak ill and immediately assume they are speaking ill of me. It’s the tragedy of being insecure and not realizing this is a part of the timeline created by God. I have arrived to bring light to the world by seeing YOU, hearing you and telling your story.”

—Rita Fuller Yates, filmmaker/storyteller

Image: Rita Fuller-Yates stands in front of the HeART of Protest mural at the King Arts Complex. The mural was painted by Marcus Billingsley, AdaObinnia Iijomah and Lance Johnson.

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