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"When I was a child, my parents always encouraged me to delve into passionate pursuits without fear of failure or pressure of certain success. I decided, when I was 17 and fresh out of high school, that somehow I was going to perform music at the most popular local coffeehouse in the area. I persisted and booked that first show. Although performing in a confined context, from school competitions to piano recitals, scared the hell out of me, I found immense joy in performing my original material as well as covers I loved, on my terms. That love of the stage, audience interaction, and exploratory philosophy most definitely led me down the path that I currently travel. As a full-time touring and recording artist, I have found that the same pursuit of new ideas resonates through my daily life. About a decade ago, I experimented turning coins into guitar picks in an effort to give myself a playing advantage. Although it started as a hobby, that little experiment has grown into a significant part of my musical life-more than I expected. Now, through my visual art, I'm able to help other players around the world find increased inspiration in their playing. Persistence and passion are what make my musical world grow."

—Ruvane, musician

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