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“Art is the basis of my soul and my being. Being creative was something I never really had to try at; it just came naturally. I’ve always felt a strong connection with my body to the earth and its elements—being influenced by nature, the earth, how things grow and evolve. The reflection of the sun and dancing refractions of light on the environment and people intrigues me as well. I started researching pigments and colors, specifically how pigments are created and made. I began using a pestle and mortar to make my own micas (pigments) to use within resin. This method again brought me closer to nature. I like to create depth within the layers using different techniques and materials along with chemical reactions. Sometimes my body is the tool other times it is subject that I use. I like to create spaces; some have even referred to them as ‘planets’ that intrigue your imagination. I like to watch people observe my paintings and sculptures. The viewer’s reflection upon my work and the impressions that we each leave on one another is another element of interest I have been implementing in my current work.”

—Shannon M. West, visual artist

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