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Weekend Warriors

Starting March with the Arts

This past weekend the New York Times wrote a belated obituary for Aminah Robinson as part of their Overlooked series, a collection of obits written about significant figures they didn’t cover at the time of the person’s death. I appreciate Read More
Weekend Warriors

The Arts are Blooming in April

Happy April, everyone! I hope we’re in for a lovely spring. I looked through the calendars on ColumbusMakesArt.com and can see Columbus arts flourishing. A few highlights of what’s happening this week: Columbus poet Barbara Fant performs Read More
Weekend Warriors

Grab Your Art Passport and Get Exploring

About half of my Weekend Warriors start with comments about the weather, but when things start cooling off, I COME ALIVE! I’ll even take a little bit of rain, as long as it’s not in the 90s. But these seasonal changes make me eager to get Read More
Weekend Warriors

13 events to fill your senses

Ah the sights, sounds and feels that come with the arts. But, Columbus has so much to offer that it can get a bit overwhelming trying to pick an experience. To help out I’ve created a short list of events to excite your senses this Read More
Weekend Warriors

Discover the Arts This Week

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone enjoyed last weekend. I loved getting the extra time with our boys. We stoked the fire, went sledding, made lots of coffee, baked some bread and even got to dog-sit our canine “niece.” Moving into the week, Read More
Weekend Warriors

Musicals, Concerts & Exhibitions to Start April

And just like that we’re on to April! It seems like March just blew by (sometimes literally). But with the new month and promise of warmer weather, I’m excited to get out this weekend, and judging by the calendar on ColumbusMakesArt.com, Read More
Weekend Warriors

Arts Hops, Performances, Exhibitions

It’s looking like another busy weekend for the arts in Columbus! I feel like I can barely keep up, but I searched the calendar on ColumbusMakesArt.com and assembled a list of things to do and see: In anticipation of baseball’s opening day, Read More
Weekend Warriors

Week Three of the Passport!

Every time this year that little meme appears with comical names for the seasons, marking our current moment as “False Fall.” Even if this is just a temporary cool-down before the real thing, I’ll still take it. This weather invigorates Read More
Weekend Warriors

Arts in October

I have been a busy bee collecting and posting prizes for the Columbus Makes Art passport program. At this point most of the prizes are up and I’m feeling pretty jealous of all of you that are eligible to redeem your passport starting Nov. Read More

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