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Weekend Warriors

School’s Out for the Summer!

I know the official start of summer isn’t until late June, but Memorial Day always feels like the true start the season for me. The kids are done with school (OMG, when did that happen?!), the weather’s warming up, everyone’s making summer Read More
Weekend Warriors

Exhibitions, Performances, and Festivals this weekend, Oh My!

It’s quite a gloomy Tuesday while I’m writing this, and all I can think about is sunny weather, great art and good food. So even though this weekend is forecasted to have a little rain, I am still looking forward to the great exhibitions, Read More
Weekend Warriors

So Many Art Events to Choose From This Weekend

This weekend is, as is every weekend, a great time to enjoy and support some local art around Columbus. I found my events, as I always do, on columbusmakesart.com/events, and now my weekend plans are packed with festivals, performances, Read More

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