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Weekend Warriors

The Season is in Full Swing

This past weekend my youngest brother and his wife came to visit us in Columbus, and it felt like the full experience of summer: camping out at baseball games, grilling, beers on brewery patios, strolling the farmers market, a walk Read More
Weekend Warriors

Free music, Scrawl 15, magical frogs and more this weekend

I need a little art therapy this week. Life happens and sometimes the best thing I can do is engage in the arts to get my heart right. So, naturally I headed to ColumbusMakesArt.com to see what’s going on, and per usual, I was not Read More
Weekend Warriors

Giving Thanks for the Arts

This past weekend we saw our oldest niece in the lead role of her college play, Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl. She and the whole cast were terrific, and it had me eager to get out and see more of the arts, especially this holiday season. So Read More
Weekend Warriors

Concerts, opera, shopping and more this weekend

It’s a miracle, but I am 95% done with my holiday shopping. That means I have some time to go out and enjoy myself. So of course I went to ColumbusMakesArt.com to see what’s cookin’ in the arts world. Below are the five events on my short Read More
Weekend Warriors

Start February with the Arts

Last weekend my family and I visited COSI to see Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes. It’s really phenomenal. If you go, try to take time to read everything. On the surface it seems like it’s a flashy exhibition about the movies, but it goes Read More

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