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Artists of Columbus

Charles Sorg, visual artist

"I’m a hermit. Okay, a bit of a loner. It’s probably why my wife and cats are my biggest critics—and fans. As a Columbus native, I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t an artist. Running through the hills of south-eastern Ohio on my Read More
Artists of Columbus

Alexandra Fresch, glass artist

I’ve always had of love of theater and costuming, watching these extravagant combinations portray a story. Being influenced by the Victorian era and fashion, especially the extravagant accessories that are now only seen in period piece Read More
Weekend Warriors

Leap into the weekend with music, film and more

Mojoflo is playing two shows Friday, Feb. 28 at Natalie’s Grandview and I bought my ticket AGES ago. Good thing too, because the first show is sold out of table seats (general admission is still open). As of Wednesday Feb. 24 there are Read More
Weekend Warriors

Six events to brighten your days

I love and appreciate a sunny day in Ohio’s long winter, it boosts boost my mood. But, I need a plan B for the many days in between those rare gifts of light. For that, I turn to the arts. This week I offer up six events that caught my eye Read More
Weekend Warriors

Start May With the Arts

As we’re wrapping up April and welcoming May, I’m excited to see so much happening in the Columbus arts scene. I searched through the calendars on ColumbusMakesArt.com, and here’s a sampling of what I found: The OhioDance 2021 Festival – a Read More
Weekend Warriors

The Season is in Full Swing

This past weekend my youngest brother and his wife came to visit us in Columbus, and it felt like the full experience of summer: camping out at baseball games, grilling, beers on brewery patios, strolling the farmers market, a walk Read More
Weekend Warriors

13 lucky passport stops this weekend

We are just over the half way mark for the Columbus Makes Art Passport program. The bad news is that some of the events in the passport have wrapped up. The good news is that there are still plenty of things to do to earn some cool Read More

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