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Artists of Columbus

Mary Ann Crago, visual artist

"Recently my mom returned to me a big plastic box filled with drawings and school work from my childhood. Something squeezed at my heart a little to think of my mom saving that stuff for 40 plus years and then, as I started to look through Read More
Artists of Columbus

April Sunami, visual artist

“If art doesn’t make us better, then what on earth is it for” —Alice Walker "In elementary school I was accepted into my school’s gifted and talented art program, which meant that I could make art for half of the school day. To spend that Read More
Artists of Columbus

Kristin Morris, sculptor

"Where would I be without art? Creating art keeps me grounded. It keeps me focused. Most of all it keeps me sane. I have been appreciating and making art for most of my life, while at the same time dealing with serious mental health Read More
Artists of Columbus

Queen Brooks, visual artist

"I never saw myself as an artist because I never knew anyone who was. As a child I spent a lot of time coloring in coloring books. I sold my first painting in high school, my second one while working as a nurse aide. After that it was Read More
Artists of Columbus

Cari Gaynes​, visual artist

"I am still trying to figure out how to pursue a career in where I can be creative, passionate and support myself. My work is a reflection of my physical, mental, and emotional self. It is often how I view myself, what I am insecure, Read More
Artists of Columbus

Char Norman, visual artist

"To quote Lady Gaga, I was born this way—imagining the unimaginable, looking for alternative scenarios, exploring creative solutions to problems. I find joy in putting things together, reassembling in new ways, and discovering what I can Read More
Artists of Columbus

Dana Lynn Harper​, visual artist

“Art is how I found my lifestyle, my freedom. Art allowed me to create my own path and invent my future. My work is a reflection of myself, but also of what I desire the world to be. Piece by piece I am inventing a new world that provides Read More
Artists of Columbus

Hakim Callwood​​​, visual artist

“I’m just a simple dude from the east side of Columbus, Ohio. For me, art is simply awesome. Cartoons, comics, and video games are what made me want to draw. Futuristic punk styles of movies like Akira and fantasy worlds in Final Fantasy Read More

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