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Artists of Columbus

Mandi Caskey, visual artist

"Art isn’t something that you choose to do, it’s something you must do. Growing up in Lima, Ohio, I often felt alone in my passion, but knew it was the only thing that I had. Like every cliché artist tale, I’m well rehearsed in the story Read More
Artists of Columbus

Hilary Frambes, painter/muralist

“I grew up in the Chicago area and Florida before moving to Columbus 30 years ago. I have always been an artist, even if I strayed from that path a few times, I always found my way back. My favorite things to create are large-scale murals, Read More
Artists of Columbus

Marcus Billingsley, painter

“As a young boy originally from Cleveland Ohio, my eyes were constantly digesting the harsh reality of the inner city. I found solace in the arts, allowing my environment to consequently fuel my creative process. I believe that the Read More

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