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Artists of Columbus

Tony Anderson, musician

"There is something uniquely gratifying about being the first to identify that special something in a student, an artist or a record, and sharing that observation with the rest of the world! The adrenalin rush that comes from seeing talent Read More
Artists of Columbus

Linda Langhorst, visual artist

"I love to watch (and paint) musicians playing together. They build off each other’s energies and ideas, weaving in their individual sounds along the way. It feels like magic to me; they create something rich and full and communal. I watch Read More
Artists of Columbus

Bruce Slaughter, musician

"A single mother, high school dropout, raising four boys in an impoverished Columbus neighborhood on the city’s eastside doesn’t sound like America’s recipe for success. But I had hope. Everyday, on the short walk home from school, I’d Read More
Weekend Warriors

Arts events to celebrate love, or not

Valentine’s Day is upon us. I’m trying not to roll my eyes. I’m only bringing it up because while searching the events calendar at columbusmakesart.com I noticed that several organizations have put together arts experiences to celebrate Read More
Artists of Columbus

Tim O'Neill, musician

I’ve spent my whole life feeling different. As a kid I was bullied and picked on for not fitting in. I struggled and suffered in silence a long time, wondering if I was ever going to feel “normal.” In high school, I found music. Music had Read More
Artists of Columbus

Suzanne Newcomb​, musician

"'The work of a performing artist should be to touch people’s hearts.' In this age of digital media, audiences in Columbus still appreciate the power of expression that only a live performance can provide. The listening choices are endless Read More
Artists of Columbus

Brian Harnetty, musician

"I grew up in Westerville, and my parents have deep family roots in southeastern Ohio, in Perry County. My favorite memory from childhood is walking in my grandfather’s orchard in Junction City, picking and eating apples until my stomach Read More
Weekend Warriors

Nine arts events to put a spring into your step

As I sit down to write this, my weather app is telling me that Saturday, April 6, will have a high of 69 degrees and only 10% chance of rain. If that holds we might actually have spring people. Spring in Ohio must not be ignored so Read More
Weekend Warriors

A List of Festivities for Your Weekend

As GCAC gears up for the Columbus Arts Festival (from June 7 to 9!), I’m also getting acquainted with some of the other festivals popping up this summer on the ColumbusMakesArt.com event page. I’m psyched for a lot of these — but before we Read More
Weekend Warriors

the Columbus Arts Festival & more

It’s finally time for the Columbus Arts Festival. As an employee of the Greater Columbus Arts Council I will be at the Festival site all day every day (and then some) June 7-9. So, half of this post will be me sharing some highlights of Read More

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