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Arts events to celebrate love, or not

Valentine’s Day is upon us. I’m trying not to roll my eyes. I’m only bringing it up because while searching the events calendar at columbusmakesart.com I noticed that several organizations have put together arts experiences to celebrate Read More
Weekend Warriors

It’s the Week of Christmas, Y’all

I’m sure you’re aware of it, but it’s the week of Christmas, everyone! I know this tends to be a busy season, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, but I hope you get the chance to slow down, relax and find some peace at the end of this Read More
Weekend Warriors

13 events to fill your senses

Ah the sights, sounds and feels that come with the arts. But, Columbus has so much to offer that it can get a bit overwhelming trying to pick an experience. To help out I’ve created a short list of events to excite your senses this Read More
Weekend Warriors

Arts Hops, Performances, Exhibitions

It’s looking like another busy weekend for the arts in Columbus! I feel like I can barely keep up, but I searched the calendar on ColumbusMakesArt.com and assembled a list of things to do and see: In anticipation of baseball’s opening day, Read More

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