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Artists of Columbus

Roger J. Williams, visual artist

"I always had my eye on the prize—the prize being to invent original art, near or over the contemporary edge, in the world arena and to be recognized for it. That’s the hardest thing to do. I am a postmodernist artist turned Read More
Artists of Columbus

Said Oladejo-Lawal, visual artist

"I started drawing from an early age; making efforts to project senses out of stick figures and engender a distinct sense of emotionality as necessary. My Father was a contractor who specialized in painting and decoration through whom I Read More
Artists of Columbus

Grant Gilsdorf, visual artist

"I grew up in the golden age of a wonderful ordinary town called Waterville, Ohio. Between cruising across town with my gang of bicycling rapt scallions, and racing home at night when the streetlights flickered on: I stumbled across Read More
Artists of Columbus

Katerina Harris, visual artist

"I believe that the scariest thing to do is what your heart desires. At times your passion can bring doubt in your mind. To say “I Am an Artist” to the world produces anxiety and uncertainty in me. I become apprehensive due to the fact I Read More
Artists of Columbus

Michael Bush, visual artist

I found art later in life as a form of therapy. At the time I started painting, I was working 50 to 60 hours a week and needed something that would help me to relax. Art therapy was the start, and I’ve been painting now for 10 years. Read More
Artists of Columbus

Mary Ann Crago, visual artist

"Recently my mom returned to me a big plastic box filled with drawings and school work from my childhood. Something squeezed at my heart a little to think of my mom saving that stuff for 40 plus years and then, as I started to look through Read More
Artists of Columbus

Malvin Hicks, visual artist

"Gary, Indiana is my hometown. On one of my visits to the Museum of Art in Chicago, when I was 11 years old, I saw the painting Starry Night. That one painting moved me so much. Looking at the brush strokes and colors motivated me. No Read More
Artists of Columbus

Eric Jefferson, visual artist

"Balance is a word that I’m just now understanding as an artist. From working a full-time job, being a husband, looking after my mother with dementia to guiding my little brother down the right path, it seems as though I have little to no Read More
Artists of Columbus

Queen Brooks, visual artist

"I never saw myself as an artist because I never knew anyone who was. As a child I spent a lot of time coloring in coloring books. I sold my first painting in high school, my second one while working as a nurse aide. After that it was Read More
Artists of Columbus

Jeff Regensburger, visual artist

"I graduated with a BFA from The Ohio State University in 1990 and promptly stopped painting. I just didn’t feel like doing it anymore. Painting’s hard. Frustrating too. I didn’t pick up a brush for 15 years. Oh sure, I thought about it Read More

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