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Weekend Warriors

Celebrate an Historic Week with the Arts

Despite my anxiety over the events of recent weeks, I’m so excited for Inauguration Day and for the history that will be made with our first woman vice president. It has me feeling hopeful and excited in ways I haven’t felt for years now. Read More
Weekend Warriors

Grab Your Art Passport and Get Exploring

About half of my Weekend Warriors start with comments about the weather, but when things start cooling off, I COME ALIVE! I’ll even take a little bit of rain, as long as it’s not in the 90s. But these seasonal changes make me eager to get Read More
Weekend Warriors

Cartoon Crossroads, Film, Concerts, New Exhibitions

I can’t believe we’re wrapping up the first month of the Columbus Makes Art Passport already! It’s been great to see so many people participating. If you’ve collected stickers in your book already, you can start redeeming them for prizes, Read More
Weekend Warriors

Make the Arts Part of Your Holiday Season

This past weekend was full of arts-centric experiences for me and my family. Saturday night my wife and I saw one of our favorite bands, Cincinnati-based Over the Rhine, in concert at the Davidson Theatre in the Riffe Center. We catch Read More
Weekend Warriors

What’s coming, and what’s going in the arts

If, like me, you stream a lot of content, then you are familiar with the monthly posts that let you know what is coming and what is leaving on the major streaming channels. I appreciated these. I get excited for shows that I have been Read More

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