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Artists of Columbus

Daric Gill, visual artist

"Hold the door for everyone. Make eye contact when you listen. Money should be a side effect of doing a job you love. Authority is earned. Go outside. Do the best you can, when you can. View vulnerability and tenacity with equal Read More
Artists of Columbus

Samantha Parker Salazar, visual artist

Graffiti sprawled across freight trains whirring by, the blur of colors and abstraction of lettering through movement, the holes in my grandmother’s crocheted table cloth masked by layers of plastic and patterned textile coverings, an Read More
Artists of Columbus

Roger J. Williams, visual artist

"I always had my eye on the prize—the prize being to invent original art, near or over the contemporary edge, in the world arena and to be recognized for it. That’s the hardest thing to do. I am a postmodernist artist turned Read More
Artists of Columbus

Melinda Rosenberg, visual artist

"I was just barely tall enough to see the fruit bowl on the table. Intrigued, I noticed that the rim was an ellipse rather than a circle. I grabbed a paper and pencil and drew the ellipse. This was the first time I saw myself as different Read More
Artists of Columbus

Said Oladejo-Lawal, visual artist

"I started drawing from an early age; making efforts to project senses out of stick figures and engender a distinct sense of emotionality as necessary. My Father was a contractor who specialized in painting and decoration through whom I Read More
Artists of Columbus

Allan Phells, performer & visual artist

"Music, dance, and art has been in me since I was a kid. Upon seeing Michael Jackson’s Thriller (along with Jackson’s iconic Motown 25 performance with the debut of the moonwalk), I knew from that moment, that dancing would forever change Read More
Artists of Columbus

Brittni Hall, visual artist

"Art has always been a passion of mine. Even from an early age growing up in Columbus, Ohio, I always gravitated toward art classes as a form of self and creative expression. Though my career landed me in the technology field, art remains Read More
Artists of Columbus

Charles Sorg, visual artist

"I’m a hermit. Okay, a bit of a loner. It’s probably why my wife and cats are my biggest critics—and fans. As a Columbus native, I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t an artist. Running through the hills of south-eastern Ohio on my Read More
Artists of Columbus

Grant Gilsdorf, visual artist

"I grew up in the golden age of a wonderful ordinary town called Waterville, Ohio. Between cruising across town with my gang of bicycling rapt scallions, and racing home at night when the streetlights flickered on: I stumbled across Read More
Artists of Columbus

Linda Langhorst, visual artist

"I love to watch (and paint) musicians playing together. They build off each other’s energies and ideas, weaving in their individual sounds along the way. It feels like magic to me; they create something rich and full and communal. I watch Read More

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