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"There is something uniquely gratifying about being the first to identify that special something in a student, an artist or a record, and sharing that observation with the rest of the world! The adrenalin rush that comes from seeing talent in its rawest form, early on, and before success has biased the opinions of journalists, or critics and influenced judgment, is a gift that comes from years of experience as a fan and creator of music, a classically trained vocalist, DJ, artist, and record producer. It is the same energy of “capturing and then recreating the awe” that motivates me and has driven my career back and forth between the music industry and the field of education. Perhaps it’s the symbiotic relationship between the two fields of creative aspiration, and the urge to share experience and knowledge? Or, perhaps, it’s that insatiable desire to capture the imagination of an audience or a classroom? Regardless of what “it” is, I love both fields tremendously. As an assistant principal and creator of The Paragon Project at The Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center Columbus City Schools, Performing Arts High School, I believe that once students have identified their passions, traditional schooling then has practical implications. Success then usually, isn’t too far behind. As a music and event producer, I thrive off exposing audiences to new emerging talent."

—Tony Anderson, Ph.D., musician/producer

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