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"Through comic books, I found a voice and a vehicle to be. When the choice of so many like me was limited to blue flags or red ones, I had a guided tour to the multiverse; of all things cosmic and beyond. Alongside my favorite heroes, I fought alien bullies, tyrannical demigods, bigotry, indifference and more. I fell in love with the stories and characters, not only consuming every note of their adventures I could, but dreaming…DARING even, to pen some of my own. In 2010, I began my own imprint: enter vantage: inhouse productions! Over six years, V:IP (clever, right?!) has produced some of the most eclectically diverse and well received titles in the small press. From redefining all-ages friendly to be kid-inclusive instead of exclusively for kids (Wonder Care Presents: The Kinder Guardians) to sharing personal catharsis of a broken marriage (The Trouble w/Love), to invocative essays on the responsibilities of people to their environment (The Samaritan, just to name a few), I’ve been able to tell stories that speak to audiences, as wide and varied, as the creators I’ve worked with to bring them to life. I’ve begun to carve my place in the world of comics. But nothing brings me more pleasure than being indy, black, and local here in Columbus."

—Victor Dandridge, comic book artist

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