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Virtual or IRL? The arts have you covered

For anyone who is feeling anxious, despite vaccination, about going out—I empathize with you. After a year of anxiety, isolation and adapting to pandemic world rules, it’s understandable that it might take a hot minute to readjust. That’s OK. We can use the arts to ease back into LIFE.

Last week I took my first baby steps toward being back in the world with a visit to the museum to see the Greater Columbus exhibition (BTW people were masked and respectful about distancing, the museum is doing a great job). With my second shot just delivered, I expect to take more of these baby steps and I took a look at the ColumbusMakesArt.com events calendar for my next venture out.

We are coming up on another Franklinton Friday, which will include a gallery opening at 400 W. Rich of Fernweh, a collection of artwork by students of the Community Connectors Program.

The galleries in the Short North Arts District always have something to offer, and if you are taking baby steps then going when there isn’t a Gallery Hop is a good idea. Personally I am very drawn to Studios on High’s new show Found & Fabricated, which focuses on the art of jewelry making.

This Jazz Arts Group concert, April 9-18, offers us both a live and virtual option: Bird Lives! A Celebration of Charlie Parker at 100 Ft. Alexa Tarantino.

Last week I enjoyed the Short North Stage’s virtual production of Spamalot (they too had virtual and live options). While I wish I was ready to be in the theater, on the plus side, being in my own living room meant I could sing along to Bright Side of Life without getting side eye. Fortunately there are still plenty of virtual productions available.

This week the Ohio State Theater department presents The Big Loop, by Paul Bae, online, for free.

Another virtual offering that I am looking forward to is Hanif Aburraqib in conversation with Terri Francis, PH.D., the director of the Black Film Center/Archive at Indiana University. While the live conversation about his new book A little Devil In America will take place April 7, the recording will be available, thanks to the Wexner Center of the Arts, through 2021.

CAPA is bringing back their ApART Together free virtual concert series. This week we have:

CCAD’s Alumni Art & Design Market opens April 9—I am always up for some online shopping, especially when it supports local artists.

These are the arts offerings that have me dipping my toes in the proverbial pool of life. What’s got you stepping out?

Lacey Luce is a digital marketing strategist for the Greater Columbus Arts Council who is working very hard to overcome her irrational desire to run off screaming “stranger danger” every time she goes out in public.

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