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Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors: Virtual and IRL Arts This Week

Happy Almost Mid-November! This week is another busy week in the Columbus arts scene. Just look what I discovered in the ColumbusMakesArt.com calendars:

Today is Veterans’ Day, so it’s appropriate to acknowledge the courage and sacrifice of all who served, including artistic storytelling:

  • The Abbey Theater of Dublin is streaming a play called We Served, created from veterans’ stories. Tickets are only $5, and it’s online Nov. 11-15.
  • The National Veterans Museum & Memorial has an ongoing exhibition titled We The People: Portraits of Veterans in America. Artist Mary Whyte created 50 watercolor portraits of veterans for the show.
  • CCAD showcases a film called Re-Story: Transforming Veteran Stories to Art, in which students tell stories from 21 different veterans through documentary, animation and podcasting.

There are plenty of virtual arts experiences this week:

  • Sydney McSweeney performs at the Lincoln Theatre (there are limited in-person seats, too) on Nov. 12
  • CCAD hosts a live chat with artist Johnathan Payne, winner of the Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Residency award, on Nov. 12. Payne will do his residency at Robinson’s house next year.
  • The Riffe Gallery features a virtual artist talk from Judy Rush on Nov. 12
  • Sharon Udoh, aka the always-amazing Counterfeit Madison, streams a conversation about race and identity through the Wexner Center, also on Nov. 12
  • That same night (Nov. 12), the Nest Theatre performs a virtual longform improv show
  • Wild Goose Creative hosts its annual Wild Art Columbus fundraiser and art sale virtually on Facebook on Nov. 14. You can get an in-person preview the night before at Gravity in Franklinton.
  • Eclipse Theatre Company also opens Loose Canon, a virtual performance of six comedies poking fun at the literary canon. It opens Nov. 13 and runs through Dec. 12.

And if you’re comfortable, there are exhibitions, arts hops and concerts to see in-person:

Nick is marketing, communications, & events administrator for the Arts Council. He also leads culinary tours and blogs about breakfast at breakfastwithnick.com. He loves these warm fall days, but looks forward to fires in the fireplace again, too.

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