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#ArtUnitesCbus at Huntington North Cube

#ArtUnitesCbus at Huntington North Cube
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The Huntington Center in downtown Columbus was one of the original sites for the temporary murals in summer 2020. Now two installations of 9 murals are situated in front of the building, facing High St. and the Statehouse.

North cube mural artists: “#sayhername” by Francesca Miller and Chineze Okpaloaka, untitled by Charley Frances, “Unbreakable” by Andy Clarkson, “Black Lives Matter: Uproot Racism, Grow Empathy” by Amy Haggard

The Art Unites Cbus project came about as a solution to an immediate challenge, how to turn broken windows into messages of support for Black Lives. In late May of 2020, protests broke out in response to the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police. In downtown and surrounding areas windows were broken and boarded up. As the protests continued and the conversation around the legacy of racism in American deepened, Columbus businesses and organizations hired artists to paint the temporary plywood with messages that ranged from calls for justice, humanity and hope to expressions of Black pride, beauty and excellence. The popularity of the murals created a demand that they be preserved and exhibited once they came down. A committee was formed, the Greater Columbus Arts Council coordinated preservation, storage, and documentation of the murals, and then the committee curated the panels into groupings for exhibit. The first exhibition of his temporary public art comprises nine sites and is slated to be up through Jan. 19, 2021. The Art Unites Cbus is now a component of larger initiative that is incorporating public art in its plans, Deliver Black Dreams.

The Art Unites Cbus exhibitions are supported in part by AEP Foundation, Huntington, The Ohio State University, the city of Columbus, Cardinal Health and Grange Insurance.



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17 S. High St., Columbus, ohio, 43215

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